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About G.RE.T.A.

G.RE.T.A. stands for “Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advancements”. This is a new charity founded by Maurizio Bruno Nava and his fellows in March 2017 with the purpose to carry on with the research and academic work done in the past by the “Scuola di Oncologia Chirurgica–Ricostruttiva”.

G.RE.T.A. aims to gather specialists from different disciplines dedicated to treatments and innovations in the fields of surgical oncology and plastic surgery. It was conceived to offer educational programs throughout the international network created by Maurizio Bruno Nava all over the world during the last 30 years. G.RE.T.A. is also dedicated to support innovative research projects in cooperation with academic and industrial partners.

G.RE.T.A activities

Ready for the Edition 2020 of the International Fellowship Mr G Querci della Rovere GRETA ONCOPLASTIC MILANO NAPOLI CATANIA

We  are glad to announce that the Edition 2020 of the International 

Fellowship is now advertised and the job description is available here.

Once again, we are able to offer a unique opportunity to oncoplastic 

trainees to spent more than one year of their career in high level world 

renowned breast units.  This International Fellowship has been 

established in memory of Mr Guidubaldo Querci della Rovere FRCS, Comm 

OMRI who was a Consultant Surgeon at the Royal Marsden Hospital where he 

pioneered Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast. He 

dedicated the final years of his career to providing support and 

training for young doctors who wish to specialise in this field. This 

year we celebrate a decade since Mr Querci della Rovere left us.


Uccio, as he was called by friends is still remembered as a passionate 

physician but also a humanist, a true scientist and a special human 

being.  He inspired my surgical career and changed my life.


When he gave me a job at the Royal Marsden I was a young trainee in 

search for my surgical identity.  His personality, the way he managed 

patients through complex decisions, the  very refined multidisciplinary 

view and his outstanding surgical competence made me very excited about 

a breast career.


After about twenty years since our very first meeting I still bear in my 

mind Uccio’s view and, day by day I discover how futuristic this was.  I 

try to follow his predicaments everyday not only in my career but even 

in my life, although I may  succeed at fifty percent I think this makes 

me a better doctor,  husband and father.


Recruitment schedule:

07/06/2019 – Advert live

04/07/2019 – Advert closing

05/07/2019 – Shortlisting out

11/07/2019 – Shortlisting return

12/07/2019 – Invites out

22/07/2019 – Interview (Royal Marsden)


#GretaOncoplastic #FelllowshipQuercidellaRovere


Naples Late Spring Interactive Course powered by G.Re.T.A. Oncoplastic

I am honoured to invite you to the next G.Re.T.A. Interactive Course “The Hands of the Surgeon on Breast Cancer medical treatment” that will be held in Naples 18th-19th May 2019.
Following the tradition of G.RE.T.A. events, we will aim to an active interaction in a friendly setting between International experts and the attendees, this year offering a training for senior surgical trainees on basic skills of medical treatment.

Never Stop Learning These are 3 simple words that marked all my career, an healthy curiosity about everything I didn’t know and a strong desire to do better and better.

Together with #MBN2018, will be the hashtag of our Consensus Conference, which will be this year even more important: with the most international experts, a new location at MiCo, a very rich program and a LIVE SURGERY directly from Clinica La Madonnina.

MBN2018 will be all of this. Here what is waiting for you:

Many pre-courses on December 12th
Live surgery from Clinica Madonnina on December 13th (morning)
Masterclasses and lectures on:

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Reduction – Pexy With or Without Implants Tuberous
  • Tubular Breast Composite Breast
  • Reshaping Implants Innovations Experimental and Clinical Evidence on Devices Matrices
  • Fat Cells – Harvesting, Processing, Injecting Complications
  • ALCL – Updating – Secondary Procedures
  • Evidence Scientific Papers vs Opinions

Consensus Conference “Fat Cells Transplantation: Safety-Breast Detection-Intake-Long Lasting Results”.

We are fully booked!

The course is based on lectures and guided interactive sessions on the topic. It has the aim of gathering senior trainees with top international experts. Senior oncoplastic surgeons who wish to improve their skills are welcome as well.
The audience will be directly involved in the scientific program with participation to interactive talks, to a simulation session on pre-operative planning on living models and a discussion of pre-post op cases with senior members of the faculty.
Video lectures on advanced oncoplastic techniques are also part of the program.
The interactive talks include a lecture by a senior speaker (20’) followed by comments from other members of the faculty (40’). Dr. Rocco and Dr. Catanuto will nurture the discussion with clinical cases, personal experience and critical questions. Participants will be directly involved and invited to discuss their own experience and offer solutions.

The Teaching pre-operative surgical planning session will be lead by Maurizio Nava. It will be based on simulation of markings on living models including complex cases with failed surgical results.

Call for abstracts: session “Young guns” meet the experts on Multi-Disciplinary-Team setting

In order to maximize educational opportunities the Faculty of the Etna Meeting and G.RE.T.A. are eager to invite participants to discuss a pre-op/post-op clinical case in a simulated multidisciplinary discussion.

The clinical case should be submitted as an abstract (not structured max length 250 words) including any detail relevant to the discussion : past medical history-triple assessment- planned surgical treatment/timing- pathology report – proposed adjuvant treatments (the last two only for post-op cases). An updated EU format curriculum vitae is required.

Four abstracts will be selected for discussion. This will last 5′ and will include a brief description of the clinical case and the open challenges related to it. Four slides are allowed including diagnostic imaging, pathology slides, relevant anthropometric photography.

This International Fellowship has been established in memory of Mr Guidubaldo Querci della Rovere FRCS, Comm. OMRI who trained and worked at the Surrey branch of the Royal Marsden Hospital in London. In 1986 he was appointed Clinical Assistant in the Breast Unit at St Margaret’s Hospital in Epping and was instrumental in setting up one of the first breast screening units in the UK.

In 1994 he was appointed as Consultant Surgeon at the Royal Marsden Hospital where he subsequently pioneered many novel techniques in oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery of the breast. He dedicated the final years of his career to providing support and training for young doctors who wish to specialize in the field of breast and oncoplastic surgery.

He died in 2009 after a after a long illness borne with great courage and dignity. This International Fellowship will continue this initiative and provide a 14 months residency in three of the leading units in Europe and the premier unit in the United States involved in the comprehensive diagnosis and management of breast cancer.
G.RE.T.A will fund the appointed candidate during his stage in the U.S.A. and in Milan.


  • Dear friends, Our first webinar meeting is fast approaching. We at G.Re.T.A. hope to see many of you at our first online meeting on the 3rd of March at 3 o’clock pm (London time, GMT+0). Dr Nickolas Per...

  • Dear friends, It is with great pleasure that I announce the next edition of webinars organised and promoted by G.Re.T.A. The significant success of last year event has prompted the expansion into a seas...


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G.Re.T.A. Honorary Chairman and Founder



Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon
G.Re.T.A. Executive Chairman


Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon
G.Re.T.A. Scientific Director


T.A works in cooperation with academic and industrial partners

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G.RE.T.A. stands for “Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advancements”.

G.RE.T.A. aims to gather specialists from different disciplines dedicated to treatments and innovations in the fields of surgical oncology and plastic surgery.

Milano – Napoli – Catania

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