Building the "house of evidence" in oncoplastic surgery - G.R.E.T.A. Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advancements
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Building the “house of evidence” in oncoplastic surgery

Building the “house of evidence” in oncoplastic surgery

Dear friends and colleagues,

we are proud to announce a call for selection of panel members of the next MBN2021 Consensus Conference.

Thanks to the support of the methodological team of the Mario Negri Institute in Milan, we will develop recommendations for use of ADMs and synthetic meshes in dual plane and prepectoral breast reconstruction following the GRADE approach.

The panellists will be invited to express their opinion on the evidence deriving from a systematic literature review investigating the efficacy and safety, the cost-effectiveness, the feasibility and acceptability and many other aspects of ADMs and breast reconstruction.

If you are interested in being an active part of our project, please send your CV at within the 10th of March.

Criteria for application:

  • Being a breast surgical oncologist or plastic surgeon dedicated to breast reconstruction working in a multidisciplinary breast unit with a case-load of at least 150 cases per year.
  • Being the author of at least 1 paper on ADMs/meshes and breast reconstruction and at least 5 papers on breast reconstruction published in the last five years on peer reviewed journals.

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