COVID 19 Webinar - G.R.E.T.A. Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advancements
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COVID 19 Webinar


COVID 19 Webinar

Dear friends and colleagues,

another great success for G.Re.T.A. group! During the webinar of Tuesday 7th of April we had the opportunity of sharing the experience of breast surgeons from China, Iran, Italy, Spain, UK and USA on breast cancer surgical management during the COVID 19 emergency with more than 80 colleagues coming from all around the world!

For those who participated to the webinar and would like to further elaborate on the experience of our colleagues and for those who could not join us last Tuesday for different reasons, we are proud to share the presentations our invited speakers, sure that their experience will be extremely valuable for all of us to manage breast cancer patients in the best way during the unprecedented times we are facing.

Stay safe, stay home!

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Resources and Presentations:

Dr. Alessio Vinci, Dundee Scotland

Dr. Antonio Esgueva Madrid Spain

Dr. Antonio Tejerina Madrid Spain

Dr. Giacomo Montagna New York USA

Dr. Rosa Di Micco Milan Italy

Dr. Wafa Taher UK

Prof. Li Chen, Chongqing China

Prof. Nahid Nafissi Teheran Iran

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