First year of G.Re.T.A and our next activities - G.R.E.T.A. Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advancements
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First year of G.Re.T.A and our next activities

First year of G.Re.T.A and our next activities GRETA ONCOPLASTIC MILANO NAPOLI CATANIA

First year of G.Re.T.A and our next activities

First year of G.Re.T.A and our next activities

First year of activities for the G.Re.T.A. team. Since the foundation in the stunning spring of Naples on April 20th much work has been done.
By the end of June the first International meeting was set up in Catania. Professor John Benson was invited as a lecturer on axillary surgery for breast cancer at the main hall of the University of Catania.

At the beginning of July Dott. G. Catanuto joined Miss Nicola Roche and Prof. Benson at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London for the interviews of the International Fellowship in Memory of Mr Querci della Rovere. This was the first edition in partnership with G.Re.T.A.

Most of the summer time was spent to put every effort into the organization of the MBN 2017 International Conference that finally took place in Milan from 16th to 19th of December.  It was a great success with more than two-hundred guests coming from allover the world. G.Re.T.A. provided scientific support to this event with a successful consensus conference on post-mastectomy radiotherapy and breast reconstruction.

Our team also achieved its main aim to improve the quality of research in breast surgery.
The year 2017 started with the publication of a Cochrane Systematic Review comparing different types of breast implants in reconstructive breast surgery on the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (6.124-impact factor); a Randomized Controlled Trial reported according to the CONSORT Statement criteria was published on Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal in April.
By the end of the year we were informed about the forthcoming publication on PRS of the Consensus Paper on Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma deriving from the MBN 2016.

We closed the year with the launch of the new website, the new blog and the new social accounts of G.Re.T.A. And now we are ready to start with a brilliant 2018.

At the beginning of next year the  G.Re.T.A. team will be Guest Editor for a special issue of Minerva Chirurgica Journal on Breast Surgery  and will also contribute to an upcoming Springer book on Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Techniques.
Finally, the Consensus Paper deriving from the successful MBN 2017 Consensus conference will be submitted to a high-impact peer-reviewed journal soon.

This will include a major contribution of Dr. Catanuto and Dr. Nicola Rocco at the Master in Oncoplastic breast surgery from the University of Genova in January. In March the G.Re.T.A. team will take part to the consensus conference about nipple sparing mastectomies organized by the Oncoplastic Breast Consortium lead by Prof. Walter Weber in Basel (CH).

In May an outstanding opportunity for junior breast oncologist will be offered in Giarre with the first Etna Late spring meeting. Masters and juniors will gather to analyze the integration of primary systemic therapies and surgery for breast cancer.
In June Dr. Catanuto will join the Annual Meeting of the Association of Breast Surgeons in Birmingham (UK) with two invited talks on “overdoing in oncoplastic surgery” and “quantitative analysis of breast morphology”.

More work is to come over and hopefully we will have an enlarged team of co-workers ready to support once again the most important event for our organization.
The MBN 2018 will take place in Milan from 13th to 15th December and G.Re.T.A. will have once again a leading role on it.

Merry Christmas from all the team!