From EVIDENCE to…OPINIONS - The ETHOS - Delphi Survey (f'E'atures Tec'H'niques 'OUT'comes 'S'urvey) - G.R.E.T.A. Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advancements
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From EVIDENCE to…OPINIONS – The ETHOS – Delphi Survey (f’E’atures Tec’H’niques ‘OUT’comes ‘S’urvey)

From EVIDENCE to…OPINIONS – The ETHOS – Delphi Survey (f’E’atures Tec’H’niques ‘OUT’comes ‘S’urvey)

You may be surprised… Are we de-escalating the pyramid of evidence voluntarily? Is GReTA abandoning complex and sophisticated standard tools like the GRADE system suddenly?

Not really!

We just want to investigate your opinion about decision drivers for surgical choice and outcomes of breast surgery. To do this we decided to use a transparent methodology such as a modified Delphi interview (fEatures TecHniques Outcomes Survey).

This will be based on multiple rounds of closed or open-ended questions aiming to identify relevant features as part of the decision making process of surgical management of breast cancer.

Therefore, if you wish to enter this study and you fulfil the following criteria:

· Senior member of the board of International or national scientific societies dealing with surgical management of breast cancer

· First author or senior author of papers about surgical decision making published on peer reviewed international journals

Please, read the information sheet in attachment and apply sending your cv at: (closing date 21st March 2021).

The results of this study will inform future works about the design and validation of an artificial intelligence based system for simulation of outcomes.

Abstract here.

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