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Giacomo Montagna MD

Giacomo Montagna MD

Dear all, I kindly invite you to join the next G.Re.T.A. Webinar on Tuesday at 4 pm London time. Breast surgeons from all over the world will discuss the impact of this pandemic on our job as breast as surgeons and the consequences for our patients. Stay safe, stay home, join the meeting.

If you are interested in applying to the webinar, please send an e-mail:

Giacomo Montagna MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York USA

#GretaOncoplastic #NeverStopLearning #GretaOncoplasticWebinar #Surgery #Covid19

Giacomo Montagna MD invites you at new G.Re.T.A. webinar “Breast Surgery during the COVID 19 emergency” on 7th of April at 4 PM (GMT+0) #GretaOncoplastic #NeverStopLearning #GretaOncoplasticWebinar #Surgery #Covid19 Click To Tweet