GReTA at JBO 2020 Oncoplasty Brazilian Journey - G.R.E.T.A. Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advancements
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GReTA at JBO 2020 Oncoplasty Brazilian Journey

GRETA at JBO 2020 Oncoplasty Brazilian Journey

GReTA at JBO 2020 Oncoplasty Brazilian Journey

G.Re.T.A. and its team are honoured to be part of the JBO 2020 Oncoplasty Brazilian Journey with Giuseppe Catanuto as an invited speaker for two talks in the Session 8 on “Hot topics in Oncoplastic Surgery”.

Thanks to Nicola Rocco, we’ll bring some promising preliminary results from our GRADE based 2019 Consensus Conference with conclusions regarding current evidence in the comparison between standard breast conservation and oncoplastic techniques. More information will be available on focused de-escalation with hidden scars either for breast conservation and mastectomy. This will include the results of a surprising questionnaire on the impact of scars in the survivorship after breast cancer surgery.

The second talk will be about the potential benefits of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in oncoplastic surgery. Simplified information regarding A.I. will be provided and some applications to our surgical field will be envisaged. This will include: oncoplastic imaging – clinical decision support systems- digital phenotyping-and evidence from the real world.

Unfortunately this meeting will be partly overlapping with MBN2020, but please if you have a few minutes come and join our Brazilian friends.

A special thank to the team of Ospedale Cannizzaro and its breast unit who provided data management, clinical and research support for the oncoplastic series that will be presented.

Download the programme here.

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