GReTA at the end of the world! - G.R.E.T.A. Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advancements
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GReTA at the end of the world!


GReTA at the end of the world!

A long and productive scientific cooperation and a strong friendship tie together our Honorary President Maurizio Nava with Alberto Rancati. Several valuable scientific achievements have been reached in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery thanks to this long lasting work side by side.

Their cooperation recently led to the publication of a new classification of breast morphology at digital mammography, that has been proposed as a useful driver for planning the best reconstructive option following nipple-sparing mastectomy for breast cancer treatment.

The roads of Maurizio and Alberto meet again thanks to the invitation of GReTA team to the Buenos Aires Breast Meeting 2018 and the First International Symposium of Breast and Face Aesthetic Surgery “De Cara a la Mama 2018” that will be held in Buenos Aires next 8 and 9th of November.

Nicola Rocco, G.Re.T.A. Scientific Director, in one of his two talks, will discuss the evidence behind Breast Reconstruction in the setting of Radiotherapy, underlining the knowledge gaps in this clinical scenario and the challenges breast surgeons have to face for minimizing complications without compromising oncological outcomes. He will also report some highlights from the MBN2017 Consensus Conference on Radiotherapy and Breast Reconstruction held in Milan last December.

Two days and two events that underline the need for reconstructive and Aesthetic Breast Surgery to run side by side. GReTA team firmly believes that Aesthetic Breast Surgery must be within the skills portfolio of each breast surgeon. A true “vertical” breast surgeon must have in his hands all the aesthetic surgery procedures in order to offer his breast cancer patients a complete oncoplastic view.

We hope to meet you in Buenos Aires!

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