HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 from GReTA - G.R.E.T.A. Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advancements
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Good morning everybody

So! Finally, year 2020 is over. We all know that this has been a year of unprecedented difficulties. We all struggled in every single part of our everyday life-at work, with patients, with relatives and with our social life.

But we are ready for a new start. For sure year 2021 will be different, we will take advantages from what happened and try to adapt and get as much as possible from experiences.

No travels during 2020, but certainly more chances to refine our online communication skill and home based work, that is something that we pioneered since a decade

Let’s have a look at the GReTA’s achievements for year 2020:
We started in January with a webinar on robotics organized by our partner Alessio Vinci in Dundee and Nicolas Peradze from EIO Milan.

In March, while Europe was at the very beginning we held one of the first webinars on COVID-19 and breast surgical management with participants from all over the world including China and South America. This generated a paper accepted by THE ONCOLOGIST.

During the year we had the honor of delivering two talks at the BRAZILIAN Society of Mastology and to the BRAZILIAN Oncoplastic Congress. But this was not the only International partnership as the Turkish team of SENATURK and Prof Bahadir Gulluoglu invited us to organize a webinar on shared decision making. We host Prof. Glyn Elwyn who is a world renowned specialist on this topic.

We also had a collaboration with the Breast International Training School from the University of Teheran, Iran, with a webinar on Breast Reconstruction and Radiotherapy, moderated by Prof. Nahid Nafissi.

Finally, it was fantastic to join the IBreastBook, a fantastic resource from Mr. Yazan Masannat. We contributed to three talks providing insights on breast conservation techniques, implant based reconstructions and Fellowships.

GReTA also contributed as scientific committee for the MBN 2020 Aesthetic Breast Meeting in its first online version, with a great faculty of renowned plastic surgeons coming from all around the world.

GReTA was also honoured to prepare three chapters for the “Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Techniques for the general surgeon” book, edited by V. Suzanne Klimberg, Tibor Kovacs and Isabel Rubio and two chapters on breast reconstruction and shared decision-making for the

“Spear’s Surgery of the Breast” book, edited by Allen Grabriel, Maurice Y Nahabedian, G. Patrick Maxwell and Toni Storm

Despite the pandemic we continued to run a few “hard” activities such as the BRESO foundation- the new process of certification for breast surgeons that will warrant a very high and homogeneous level of expertise across European countries.

GReTA provide scientific-organizational and financial support, and as every year the INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP Querci della Rovere.

We have a lot of programs for year 2021!

We are putting great efforts to modify the organizational structure of GReTA in order to get a significantly improved financial support and create new projects, this will allow the development of a few exceptional opportunities including courses on alphabetization on systemic treatment, on cosmetic surgery, methodology for surgical oncologists.

We also wish to enlarge the contents of the International Fellowship as part of consolidated partnerships with major international organizations, and we really hope to support the hands-on course in Curitiba with Cicero Urban and the team of Positivo University.

Finally, but most importantly, the MBN2021 conference is ready to go! With a new format, new opportunities and a lot of interaction and great experiences.

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