International Fellowship Mr G Querci Della Rovere Edition 2019 - G.R.E.T.A. Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advancements
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International Fellowship Mr G Querci Della Rovere Edition 2019

International Fellowship Mr G Querci Della Rovere Edition 2019 A plastic surgeons perspective GRETA ONCOPLASTIC MILANO NAPOLI CATANIA

International Fellowship Mr G Querci Della Rovere Edition 2019

I’m glad to share with you the letters of my colleagues Victoria Teoh MD and Gausihi Sivarajah MD:

In the modern era of oncoplastic breast surgery, collaboration between breast surgery and plastic surgery is paramount in delivering holistic breast cancer care. Importance is placed not only in the oncological management of breast cancer, but also in the reconstruction and cosmetic outcomes.

I am very grateful and fortunate to be the first plastic surgeon to be awarded the International Fellowship in Oncoplastic Reconstructive and Breast surgery, which was established in memory of Mr Guidubaldo Querci Della Rovere in 2012.

This fellowship provides a unique opportunity to practice in four of the leading cancer centres globally – Royal Marsden Hospital (London, U.K.), Addenbrooke’s Hospital (Cambridge, U.K.), Fondazione IRCCS Instituto Nazionale dei Tumori (Milan,Italy) and Memorial Sloane Kettering (New York, USA).


Victoria Teoh MD

The fellowship is one of the most diverse and comprehensive surgical programs available to hone oncoplastic techniques in implant-based breast reconstruction, perforator flaps and mammaplasties. These are well established techniques borne from plastic surgery, to restore cosmesis after breast cancer surgery.

Through their prestigious association with major research universities and/or national research institutions, the fellowship offers a unique platform to broaden my exposure in surgical oncology, partake in innovative research trials and ‘pioneering cutting-edge’ treatment options. The role of Artificial Intelligence is gaining prominence in breast cancer management, particularly in the fields of diagnostic imaging, pathology, and point of care delivery, with two of the four cancer hospitals on this program leading in this field.

As a surgeon who is particularly interested in leadership and healthcare management, I am particularly interested in the diversity of global healthcare systems and the different models of care which may be applied to improving the ‘treatment journey’ for breast cancer patients.

I would like to acknowledge and thank G.Re.T.A, the financial support through private donation, the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for extending this opportunity for an exciting year of collaboration.

Victoria Teoh MD


Gausihi Sivarajah MD

I have been a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) in General Surgery since 2017, with a subspecialty interest in Breast, Endocrine and Soft Tissue Tumour Surgery. Personal experience with breast cancer affecting close friends has augmented my appreciation of providing patient-centred care, good communication, compassion and professionalism – in this field

I was especially interested in the G.RE.T.A. International Fellowship in Oncoplastic & Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast, as I value that it had been established in the memory of a surgeon, who dedicated his career to supporting and training young doctors, which are qualities I respect and aspire. After completion of this post, I hope to acquire medical and technical expertise, and concepts in the delivery of high quality oncoplastic clinical services, which I aim to implement in my future practice in Australia.

Gausihi Sivarajah MD


The panel of the International Fellowship Mr G Querci della Rovere: Prof. John Benson; Miss Fiona MacNeill, Dr Giuseppe Catanuto

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