International Fellowship Mr. G. Querci della Rovere Edition 2021 - G.R.E.T.A. Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advancements
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International Fellowship Mr. G. Querci della Rovere Edition 2021

International Fellowship Mr. G. Querci della Rovere Edition 2021

Being an “Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon” is not only a matter of refined surgical techniques. You can learn level III oncoplastic surgery, complex breast reconstructions, microvascular surgery or fat transplantation and still you are not a truly Oncoplastic Surgeon!

This is our view on the discipline, and this is what I have learnt from my mentor Mr Querci della Rovere. While attending the Royal Marsden Hospital as a junior fellow he taught me a multidisciplinary view of this job. I remember him while discussing complex cases with the radiologists in the pre-operative phase, and I was amazed about his ability in reading mammograms nearly at the same level of a specialist, but also he was able to discuss primary treatment in a fully competent manner with medical oncologists or manage and personalize indications for post-operative post-mastectomy radiotherapy according to risk of relapse.

But oncoplastic surgery is not only a multidisciplinary and highly integrated work. To be truly “oncoplastic” you should be able to offer your refined surgical skills in order to fulfil patients’ values and expectations. This is another legacy left from the Querci’s experience.

He was totally able to understand what a patient was asking him, either in terms of cosmetic results, safety or even simplicity of procedures. In the old times he was already supporting surgical de-escalation and conservative management of the axilla, or even pre-operative neoadjuvant endocrine treatment. But all these decisions were not only medical resolutions, but truly shared decisions with a profound sense of sympathy and mutual respect.

The Querci’s legacy is now pursued by his colleagues in Cambridge and London (Prof. Benson, Miss MacNeill, Miss Jenny Rusby), but also by Prof. Nava, G.Re.T.A.

Apply to the International Fellowship and get a very refined final touch to your oncoplastic training!

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