Naples Late Spring Interactive Course 2019 - G.R.E.T.A. Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advancements
Naples Late Spring Interactive Course 2019
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Naples Late Spring Interactive Course 2019

Naples Late Spring Interactive Course 2019

The hands of the surgeon on breast cancer medical treatment.

Naples, 18/19 May 2019.

G.Re.T.A. aims to disseminate evidence-based knowledge and create networks among specialists in the management of breast cancer.

This interactive course is intended to offer the basics of medical treatment to senior surgical trainees and junior consultants in breast surgical oncology.

Participants will interact with worldwide renowned experts in medical oncology and discuss contemporary options of systemic treatment.

A multidisciplinary meeting simulation will offer the opportunity to play the role of the medical oncologist in selecting appropriate treatments and recruit patients for clinical trials. Living models will be available to plan and discuss the correct surgical treatment after primary systemic treatment.

We believe that the future of surgical oncology will be in the hands of a fully skilled expert with a consistent knowledge across multiple disciplines.

The so-called vertical breast surgeon.

More info here.

Thank you. We are waiting for you in Naples!

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