Nicola Rocco MD - G.R.E.T.A. Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advancements
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Nicola Rocco MD

Nicola Rocco is a breast surgical oncologist working in the Breast Unit of the University of Naples “Federico II”. He is actually following a PhD program in Advanced Biomedical and Surgical Therapies at University of Naples in cooperation with the National Research Council, studying the potential applications of 3D-printing and regenerative medicine in the field of breast reconstruction.

During his residency in General Surgery and in the first years after obtaining his specialization, he attended the Plastic Surgery Unit headed by Dr. Maurizio Bruno Nava at National Cancer Institute in Milan, perfectioning his skills in breast reconstruction. He also obtained a Master in Breast Oncoplastic Surgery at the University of Genova (2013).

Since the first years of his medical studies he dedicated his research and clinical activity to breast cancer treatment. He also studied research methodology with the Cochrane Collaboration, acquiring specifical skills in the field of Evidence-Based Medicine, with Systematic Reviews and Randomized Controlled Studies production.