Senaturk Meets - G.R.E.T.A. Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advancements
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Senaturk Meets


Senaturk Meets

Dear friends and colleagues,
Tonight, we are glad to gather Prof. Bahadir Gulluoglu and the team from SENATURK for a joint meeting on shared decision making. As you know, our founder and Honorary Chairman Maurizio Nava has been a relentless promoter of patients’ involvement in the decision path of oncoplastic surgery.

I may say that Maurizio has been the first one including a clear investigation of values and preferences into complex decision trees, tested in the long term in clinical practice and re-arranged according to new devices, new techniques and last but not least a more formal approach to interaction between surgeons and women candidate to surgical management of breast cancer.

We thank SENATURK for giving us the chance to share our network and invite two world renowned specialist such as Prof. Glyn Elwyn and Prof. Marie Ann Durand. The Senaturk team will include Umit Ugurl, surgeon and Hale Caglar radiotherapist that will be talking about their approach, our scientific director Nicola Rocco, chairing the discussion session, Miss Victoria Teoh, Fellow of the International Fellowship Mr Querci della Rovere and finally a representative of Europa Donna Coalition and Europa Donna Turkey, Mrs Sema Erdem.

Thorough discussions and role playing are expected, so please come and join us at zoom link you can find in the poster.

Senaturk Meets 3 October 2020 – Click here.

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